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Business Components was set up in conjunction with high quality Chinese electronics companies to supply the United Kingdom and Europe with cost effective and top quality wireless and wired keyboards and mice. The company started in the educational field and then moved to the open market when the Chinese connection was well and truly established.
on the Educational front the highly acclaimed EL1 keyboard and lk810 double legend upper and lowercase keyboard are some of the units that educational authorities are aware of, also the high visibility keyboards for the visually impaired is a much sought after unit in the field of special needs, on the adult learning front the lowercase keyboard has been a great success.

We have now introduced a new Trackball for children, it has a smaller footprint than other trackballs and combines the best of old technology and the very latest nano laser technology

Our latest LM101 is a small 3 button mouse for children this is available in four colours to join the EL1 as an excellent combo

Our new EL2 is also available, it follows on from the success of the EL1 and now has �F� keys to open up even more avenues for this mode